Sunday, July 01, 2012

kadangkala terasa seperti dimainkan mimpi
mimpi selalu bermain dengan fikiranku
memberi harapan kepada yang mustahil untuk ku kecapi sama sekali
mimpi yang buat ku khayal dengan masa silam
menjadikan aku seorang bebal yang mencintai kenangan
aku masih di situ, bersama teman yang setia dulu
mencari jalan untuk seiring dengan masa

When you are lonely, your mind will play tricks with you. It takes you away to the best memory you ever had, and left you there. .Until someone come and save you, and bring you back to reality. There are times when the present is not being good to you and you wanna go back to glory days. Your mind keep rewinding the laughter, the tears of happiness you once share with people that had disappeared through time. People that you never really care about suddenly become so significant to you. It almost makes you think, makes you feel that life will never be the same without them. 

. . . .save me. These memories are drowning me deeper every time. 

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