Close your eyes
feel the light
the warmth of love inside of you.
Hold on tight
let the rain decide
draining fears out of you.

Shadows will always linger
they lurk beneath the faith you quiver.
Look deep into the heart of a believer
hope and faith will make you stronger.

the one with the cadbury

♥ assalamualaikum 

I feel like giving up. You know how i always try to be positive, say nice things to people and think nice about others..Although i do gossip a little, but my friends and i, we never really gossips. Its just little talk about different habits of different friends. We share personal experiences and how to cope with habits that we don't like.We never really bash anyone and hate them. But this time, i almost gave up. I feel like updating hateful facebook status but thankfully, i manage to prevent myself from over reacting. huhu Overrr..

About the Cadbury

I too was confused and angry at first. Why? Because i don't understand. Macam mana boleh ada dua statement yang bercanggah gila macam, how? The problem is that both of them are government entities, masing-masing dengan kredebiliti sendiri. So how did this happened? No answer. So my decision at that time is don't buy cadbury, as simple as that. And wait for news.

Then i read an article in the newspaper saying that the first lab testing was flawed, and it was not made by the JAKIM. Kinda vague but at least there's news. Then i found an article on the internet explaining how lab testing for Halal is made, who is responsible, possibility of contamination, and etc. Its a good article. And i think its credible enough, for me lah. If you don't think its the truth then its ok, find your truth. Find it.

I'm not saying its not a serious issue, it is. Its a very serious matter but serious matter need to be taken seriously. Jangan buat main-main, jangan buat gaduh-gaduh. jangan create fitnah lain pulak, kaitkan dengan politik, kroni sebagai. Be professional. This is not politic, ini hal Halal dan Haram. Although ramai Malaysians nampaknya agak bias dalam hal ni. Memiilih hal Halal Haram mana yang penting, mana yang kena kecoh-kecoh, mana yang boleh buat taktau je, macam rokok. Anyhow, itu topik lain. So about this lab testing, ramai orang keliru nak percaya statement siapa. Jakim ataupun KKM? Bagi aku, apa-apa pun kena tengok bidang kuasa. Disebabkan Jakim tanggungjawab dia memang isukan sijil Halal, jadi aku percayakan Jakim. Kalau kita tak percayakan Jakim dalam hal ni, macam mana pulak dengan makanan lain? Macam mana dengan kedai makan lain yang ada sijil Halal tu? Yang isukan tetap badan yang sama. Kalau kita tak nak percaya kredibiliti Jakim dalam hal Cadbury ni, then kita kena apply dekat semuanya sekali. Baru fair aku rasa.

But still, you are entitle to your own opinion. Cuma opinion tu pun kena bersandarkan fakta, tak boleh ikut persepsi diri sendiri. Sebab cmon, ini bukan bidang kita. Kita tak cukup knowledge, experience tak ada, plus kita sendiri biased. Bila dikaitkan dengan politik ni lagi la. Masing-masing ada fav team masing-masing. I don't know bout you guys, but i think this is legit enough..for now. Aku tak makan sangat pun Cadbury, aku suka Beryl's..Yummmy~ Tapi kena ada stand jugak kan. So this is my stand. Nanti kalau ada berita baru, kita analisis balik. Sekarang lay low dulu. Tunggu betul-betul takdak was-was baru makan. I think its fair enough. Hal politik, kroni-kroni tu kita anggap noise jela. jangan layankan sangat, baca, analisis, then respon dengan matangnya okeh? :)