reasons and meanings


open your eyes

It is almost a fact that without reasons and meaning, reaching a beautiful state of mind is almost impossible. This semester, for me i think, learning to educate myself is more interesting than before. Although the evolution of being half empty to half full is not yet achieved and seems far fetch, still, so far fetch, but now knowing that it is achievable makes the effort of trying seems so simply supported. Simply supported by means simple, predictable and with little less redundant to be solved out. 

People need to be part of something. 

For some people, they need to be part of something big to feel exist. People want to be important, to be needed and to be approved. If we live life without satisfying all those basic feelings, we tend to treat life childishly. Without passion without curiosity without the feeling of that hunger to be great, to do great things and to make it last. 

Reasons and meanings.

Learning ABC is easy cuz we know the reasons of learning it. And we understand its' meaning. Learning plus minus multiply and divide is easy cuz we know the reasons of learning it and knowing the meaning of them. But as growing up, reasons and meanings to learn, to know, to understand things that teachers taught is not taught as a pair makes everything becomes too complicated and unimportant to us. Is it?

Finding reasons and meaning. 

To dream and to have dreams, to have a goal, to have passion for making dreams a reality and to keep that passion all the way through living, , , , , , , . you'll be beautiful. 

like nothing happen

assalamualaikum dan hai

Hey, do you know what is the worst feeling in the world? Other than being stabbed in the back by people you love and care about, the feeling of being neglected is worst. When something happen and people act like it didn't, like when your best friend decided not to approve your relationship at all. Its like when you share things together, share emotions together and then one day they says everything was too atomic to be significant. Its like being good friends for a year and they act like they don't know you at all and you know nothing about them too.

If you don't know how it feels to feel that way, well, good for you. Cuz it sucks.