some 'me' time

♥ assalamualaikum 

So..its been awhile since i wrote here. Main reason is, well basically its because there is nothing to write about..until recently. I went to a wedding/mini reunion, i embarked on a journey of mystery with a handsome British dragon and a hobbit..Sherlock, yes. And while writing this, i am actually reading it in his voice with that very familiar comedic background music in my head. Safe to say, i am addicted, in a special kind of way. Everytime i found a movie, or a tv series that i really like, i would be extremely attached to it. My inner geek is coming out from its shell. There is nothing anyone, even myself can do about it. I know, i have to admit my adorableness. I was born this way. 

I want to write more but no. So thats all for now. Good day.


deep in the darkness she saw what they did
they took all the life that, that he use to breathe
oh how she cried she cried all the way
to see all the life goes away

when the last light of the moon sleeps to day
all the wet tears on her cheek dries to pain
the warmth of the light of the love touch her face
then all of her pain disappear