The art of complaining


I am currently taking part in conducting a survey related to our education system. But fyi i'm not a student, and i used to be in the technical field. This is my first time tackling social science issues. But i think i am more suited for this field, i'm not really good in being technical, too bad at math. Haha *cries silently*

At the end of my survey is a space reserved specially for comments. Although not everyone writes, there are still quite a handful who does and they do it passionately, it's great. You know the trend now, people just loveee to complaint, heck, even me, especially on social media. But social media is not the most suitable platform to complaint (shocking) because the ones you're complaining about don't even know about it. Instead of making things better, you're just being an emotional 'syok sendiri' person, ranting and ranting to a wall. Well, i guess most of the time we don't really want to make things better, we just want to be heard, or even just to let some steam out. I get it, i often feel that way too.

But when opportunity came, someone somehow wants to listen and take action, don't be emotional to them. They didn't make you feel that way, they just want to help. Let me tell you the right way to complaint in a comment section, well according to me lah.

1. Put your emotion into it, but don't be emotional.
Sometimes how you say things can make a neutral take side.

2. Use clear and proper sentence. 
I'm curious why a person would write in a survey form like they're replying a whatsapp chat. We can't help you if we don't understand what you need.

3. Be mature. 
Does your comment refers to a personal issue or something everyone can relate and benefits from?

4. Be respectful. 
We all have different opinion and when talking about a sensitive issue, you have to speak in a tone that is not provocative. Avoid using words like stupid, especially stupid, in a formal survey. Don't make those who wanted to help gave up on you because of your attitude.

However, this is just the opinion of a beginner, a noob. Others might not feel the same. Maybe emotional and hateful comments is what some research need, to really understand the struggle and how it affect emotions and behavior towards others. It's easy to tick on a scale, but a comment may be more personal and honest.