my best friend's wedding

♥ assalamualaikum 

I am a very emotional person but can i poyo-ly say that i'm emotional in a good kind of way? :)
I appreciate friendship, but still i am a bit conservative. I can admit my love for a guy that i honestly believe i am in love with, but to friends? Its hard for me say it out loud, i don't know.. I don't simply declare that they're my best friends, not when they are around. I'm a bit shy...haha

When far from each other

I can 'masuk' with other people easily, maybe its cuz i'm open and i don't mind coping with other people's personality. But to really connect? Not really..They are a few people (non family members) that i am really fond of. There is a special bond that exist between me and them, with or without them realizing it. I don't really mind about that. When these people are far from me, only then i realized how much i care for them and how much i miss them. And when i felt that way i know that i consider them as my best friend. Although i hate the fact that we're not close like we use too, but it feels good to finally have that courage to admit that i really love them. And i don't have to say it to their face, i can just text them or cowardly blog about it and hope that they'll read it someday. ( sweet) hehe..

My kind of friendship

Its hard for me to consider someone as my best friend, but when i do..i don't mind not being there when everything is fine, i don't mind to not have the chance to laugh with you..but you can always count on me when you're feeling down and i'll be torn if you forget to share your tears with me. (awwwww..macam nak mengorat). I know its too euwwwy, haha..but hey, i really mean it. 

I don't know why but i'm feeling romantic, maybe its cuz one of my best friend is getting married this saturday.. yay! Hee..Barakallah for you and your husband. And thinking about how happy she would be just makes me in a good mood all week (except for tesst and assignments). I miss my best friends..The ones in KL and Selangor, in UK, in India...gosh i miss you guys so much. Sobsob 

Ok thats all lovey dovey for tonight. Until next time! haha :D