Monday, May 14, 2012


You know, now that people are getting more advance in picture editing, it is very hard to actually recognize people online especially on facebook. Gelap nampak cerah, cerah nampak lebih cerah, comot jadi comel, comel jadi sangat comel so on and so on on. And it is so hard to escape the trend. is it?

But for some people, editing is not for hiding imperfections but more likely for artistic purposes. To try creating something unrealistic and sharing it to family and friend for comments, for the sake of improvement. Tapi, ape-ape pun, sama ada untuk menambah kecomelan atau menambah bla3, sama ada sebagai hobi atau bahan eksen dan sebagainya, photo editing is a very fun thing to do when you're bored, or just cant sleep at night. Right? :)

perasan comel lah konon

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  1. yeaaahhh! soooo agreee! dan aku da lama tak edit gambar...=.=


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