Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 am. 
night keeps tapping on my dream.
leaking into reality.
its like my head is on automatic replay.
your song keeps on playing,
and i cant find the way to stop missing you.


seperti gesekan biola kau mengusik hatiku.
mata celikku terpejam dengan sendiri.
lalu hati aku hanyut dalam melodi malam ini.

with eyes wide open, still, feels like dreaming.
like a xylophone harmonic.
your's is a one in a million lullaby.

selamat malam buah hati.

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4 ♪♬♪♪♬ Comments

  1. hahaha! aku gelakkan org yg komen kt atas ni je pel~

  2. zarip: sekali sekala tak boleh ke? cis!!!!!
    *malu giler bab*

    iq: kite geng kan weyh? sobsob....

  3. love it!!!love it!!!


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