Sunday, May 19, 2013

♥ assalamualaikum 

Jadi perempuan ni bukan senang tau. Sebelum atau selepas nikah, kaum perempuan ni sentiasa ada banyak tanggungjawab. I know, i know, tanggungjawab lelaki lebih besar (sometimes) but...aku pernah baca, dalam neraka akan ada lebih ramai perempuan daripada lelaki. Why? I don't really know enough to write it here, but what i understand is, jadi perempuan bukanlah kerja senang. Kalau senang takkan lah ramai yang gagal kan? I think..but this is just an opinion. :)

Well, aku tak maksudkan susah dari segi nak dapat keberkatan ke, nak dapat pahala ke..Bagi aku, bagi aku, yang susah tu bukanlah amar makruf, tapi nahi mungkar. Its easy to do good deed, but to do bad deed? You don't even have to try. I mean, the hardest thing is, really, 'aurat'. I know you guys (literally) would think that, "alaa susah hape..pakai jela tudung, pakai jela baju longgar sikit. Tak susah pun." Easy for you to say. Hey, aurat is not only about 'pakai tudung' and 'pakai baju longgar', its a lot more than that. You have to be either a very pious man or a woman to really understand it. Aurat is more than about clothes, or about your voice, or about your body language..Aurat is more than that...Its not as easy as you think it is. So be gentle with us, because its hard to really understand..its hard to be the biggest 'fitnah' in this world. Its a burden that all of us have to bear..and you as well.

A father is a man, a brother is man..a husband is a man. Its a man duty to protect us woman from hurting ourselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually. You have a share in every action that we make. Remember that. So be gentle with us. Be strong for us too, because you are meant to be our protector. Take responsibility. Learn, be a good leader. It is your fitrah..

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