falling by the civil wars

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I am falling deeper and deeper in love with this haunting melody. Dengar dikeheningan malam yang sunyi, boleh buat termenung sampai esok pagi. haha. .Please join me. Lets get haunted together. huu apebende la aku ngarut nih..Tapi ayuh lah, mari lah. . .mari lah suke lagu ini juge. . . .mari mari mari!


Haven't you seen me sleep walking?
 'Cause I've been holding your hand
Haven't you noticed me drifting? Oh, let me tell you, I am
Tell me it's nothing Try to convince me
That I'm not drowning Oh let me tell you, I am
Please, please tell me you know I've got to let you go
I can't help falling Out of love with you
Why am I feeling so guilty? Why am I holding my breath?
Worry 'bout everyone but me. I just keep losing myself
Won't you read my mind? Don't you let me lie here
And die here

Please, please tell me you know
I've got to let you go
I can't help falling
Out of love with you

Haven't you noticed?
I'm sleepwalking

Its like i'm trap in her emotions. Loving a man so passionately then one day all the love starts to disappear. Fading bit by bit till none is left. And not having the strength to say it out loud. Refusing to hurt the man you used to love. And continue hurting yourself with secrets. All that you can do is wish, that he would read your mind, your moves, your words and understand your pain. . .and just let you go. Free from your own secrets. *tiada kaitan realiti beta*

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