Friday, July 01, 2011

lights. camera. action.


My age is my gold. My will is my strength.
There's a thousand things that i knew but you might not care to listen about.
Because you think i meant nothing at this age.

All this lyrics i sang. All the melody and the emotions flow in each note, they were all mine.
When i'm lost and cant find my reflection in the mirror, that's how i find myself back.
No one can take that away from me.
My voice are golden.

Fantasy are my made believe reality.
Clear skies and golden stars and melodic winds rattling the keys we hang up the walls.
The grass are dancing while the birds sing along our fav song.
While we lay on that dancing grass, hands tight, eyes close.
We're king and queen again.
We're the gold of our kingdom.

repetition : ♥ bon iver's michicant

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