the ugly truth

Saturday, October 20, 2012


1.  being fat is not good because generally it means you are not healthy and have very low self control
2.  skinny jeans makes you look funny (not preety) if you dont have a proper proportions legs
3.  skinny jeans dengan baju singkat makes you look like a duck tergedek-gedek from behind
4.  wearing tight jeans but loose shirt while wearing tudung makes you look ridiculous
5.  buying expensive tudung but not wearing it properly is meaningless
6.  covering your aurat properly does not means you are a nice person
7.  not covering your aurat properly also does not means you are a good person
8.  no one likes you if you cannot accept critisism
9.  people hate to hear you regularly commenting about other people bad behavior that you apparently didnt realized that you have too
10. having too high of self confidence is being cocky
11. most people likes you because of how you look not who you are
12. not all your friends actually likes you very much
13. just because you can pin point other people's mistake it does not make you a better person
14. if you judge people easily it means you have a shallow mind
15. most men lies when they say they really cared about you


The list can keep on going for on and on and on..i just dont have much of ideas for now. Most of the list are made up of my thoughts about myself. Well, yes, sometimes i can be very negative. And I am quietly evil.

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