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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Oh my..its amazing how an idea can lead to, well, this. All this hatred and argument without reasons, i hate it. But this is us. Not necessarily "us" us but us, community around the world. You get what i mean? Huhu..Some people might say things like, "orang melayu memang macam tu" "orang malaysia memang macam ni" but i think everyone around the world is "macam tu" and "macam ni". I guess its the nature of any society; to focus on small issues rather than the bigger picture. Because smaller issues are easier to understand, hence easier to have an opinion, hence easier to argue with people. Okay too much hence. But serious though, its always the little things that made us fight. 

I want to touch a dog

When i first knew about this event i was kinda shock. But after reading more i realized that there are few ustaz on ground to teach people and educate about how to sertu, samak and all, so i thought, well maybe its a good thing. But the next day, the next day was even more shocking. Reading the post and comments about the event is what broke my heart the most.

To make things clear, i am not 100% agree with what they did. I mean, c'mon, do you really have to hug and kiss them? Then posting the pictures on facebook, like you don't know how sensitive the issue is. Have some respect for people who have strong believes about this. Of course they'll feel like you're mocking at what they believed in. You would too.

I think the organizer had a good idea but they didn't execute it well enough. Things like this, its either you do it perfectly or not do it at all. Its that critical. 

"Mula-mula touch a dog lepas tu apa? Touch a pig pula?"

Now this, this is what i think is the most ridiculously unfair statement ever. Its like you want people to fight. Those people who organized the event are muslims too, they have feelings too. To assume their effort to spread awareness will lead to "Touch a pig event" is too much. Its hurtful, don't you realize it? If you're scared this might lead to event like "touch a pig" then take precautions. Make sure things like that wont happen, make rules or regulations. We can do that you know. Not judging people and accuse them of doing things that are not even happening yet.

I don't agree with all the hugs and kisses too but i don't hate them. I just think what they did exceeds our limitations as a muslim. I think these people don't know what the limit is because looking at pictures, most of them wears hijab and all. Theres even a few makcik wearing tudung labuh, i don't think they'll do it if they knew they can't. So enough with this hatred, forgive them already. 

Or maybe they have different sets of beliefs than us. We do have different mazhab and not everything is black and white, they are few grey areas. So instead of assuming they're stupid, how bout assuming they know more about the different opinions of different muslim scholars than you? See..its possible that you're wrong. So say nice things ok. 

So can muslim touch a dog?

There are lots of websites you can read. Don't read opinion, read blogs that have clear references that you can recheck. If easier, read fatwa from Jais or Jakim. But their statement are usually straight to the point. I mean the explanations are short and brief. I found these blogs here which i think is good.

Or you know, read from facebook page of ustaz and ulama. But but, remember that we don't follow what the ustaz or ulama says, we follow Al-Quran and Sunnah. They're just sharing their knowledge and they are not free from making mistakes. So read more than 1 ulama or ustaz ok. Read more and stay positive. Thats what mature people do. Ahah :)

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