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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

♥ assalamualaikum 

So..its been awhile since i wrote here. Main reason is, well basically its because there is nothing to write about..until recently. I went to a wedding/mini reunion, i embarked on a journey of mystery with a handsome British dragon and a hobbit..Sherlock, yes. And while writing this, i am actually reading it in his voice with that very familiar comedic background music in my head. Safe to say, i am addicted, in a special kind of way. Everytime i found a movie, or a tv series that i really like, i would be extremely attached to it. My inner geek is coming out from its shell. There is nothing anyone, even myself can do about it. I know, i have to admit my adorableness. I was born this way. 

I want to write more but no. So thats all for now. Good day.

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